Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Delicious Eats and Superb Sights at Columbia Harbour House

Welcome to this month's Blogorail Green Loop. Today we are telling you all about some of the best quick service restaurants at Walt Disney World.

Photo courtesy of Rolling with the Magic

When you think about the hustle and bustle of the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort, it's comforting to imagine a quiet place where you can go to escape for a few moments. Even the full service restaurants at Walt Disney World Resort can be hectic, which is why Columbia Harbour House is a true gem.

It's easy to get pulled into one of the two big quick service locations at two ends of the the Magic Kingdom - Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn & Cafe or Cosmic Ray's Starlight Café. While they have plenty of seating and options, the lines and craziness from the park translate directly into these locations. It's hard to get a break while dining here.

I instead tend to head to the center of the park and dine at Disney's understated quick service location, Columbia Harbour House. This nautical-themed quick service restaurant has a rustic, laid back feel. It feels like New England as soon as you step through the door (and not just because of the clam chowder on the menu.) It's nestled directly between Fantasyland, Frontierland and Liberty Square, giving it a very convenient location.

The Menu

When you think about theme park food, you probably imagine burgers, hot dogs, fries and pizza. At Columbia Harbour house, though, you'll get hummus, broccoli peppercorn salad and fried shrimp.3

One of the most talked about items of the menu, the Anchors Aweigh Sandwich, hits the spot for those who dislike fast food only options. The sandwich contains white tuna, lettuce and tomato on a hearty toasted multigrain bread. It's served with potato chips, which is the perfect accompaniment. 

Photo courtesy of Rolling with the Magic

While those with pickier palates can still find standard fare, such as fried chicken breast nuggets and a garden salad, it is the unique items that make Columbia Harbour House memorable. If you're watching your waistline (who isn't in January!) the grilled salmon with broccoli and couscous hits the spot. If you're not, though, be sure to try seafood macaroni and cheese, featuring lobster and shrimp. And, of course, there's New England Clam Chowder, though I wouldn't recommend that in August!

If you're anti-fish (as I sadly am) you can feast on vegetarian chili or chicken pot pie. 

The Atmosphere

Photo courtesy of Rolling with the Magic

Arguably the best part of Columbia Harbour House is its quiet seating and relaxing atmosphere. Now, if you walk in during peak dining hours you'd probably think I was insane. However, there is a second level of seating that very few people venture to right upstairs from where you order your food.

Upstairs at Columbia Harbour House is my favorite people-watching location in the Magic Kingdom. Pick up something to eat and enjoy the air conditioning, sights and sounds. There's even a small bathroom up there for restaurant-goers. 

It's so quiet upstairs that the Keys to the Kingdom Tour ropes off a section for its participants. 

So what's the point? 

Next time you're in the Magic Kingdom and you're looking something did different to eat or a relaxing place to rest during a long day, consider Columbia Harbour House. Let me know about your experiences in the comments section below!

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