Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Infant Sleep Support with Gerber Good Start Gentle®

*Note: This post is a part of a promotional program with Gerber® Good Start® Gentle and MomSelect. While I was compensated for this placement, this post reflects my honest and candid thoughts on the program.

Before my son Ryan was born, I took classes and read books. Lots of them.

I took a class on how to bathe and change my baby. I took classes on breastfeeding. I took an infant CPR class. I watched videos upon videos on the items on my registry. 

I didn't, however, really prepare for the science behind infant sleep. I wasn't immune to all the parents on social media lamenting their lack of sleep; yet I never really took it too seriously. Maybe I thought they were exaggerating? Regardless, I didn't give sleep the weight it deserved. 

Sleep is everything. 

For both mom and baby, sleep affects the entire day. Attitudes, level of patience, happiness are all directly related to the amount of sleep a baby his or her parents get.

Sleep gives babies energy and puts them in the mindset to explore and learn as they are  going through the crazy and scary process of growing and developing.

My Son

I have been extraordinarily lucky so far. My son Ryan has always been a good sleeper. Pretty early on, he started sleeping for four hour increments. Right when I went back to work full time he began to sleep through the night.

We have had the same routine for months now. My husband and I come home from work, we have dinner, we play. At some point, Ryan falls asleep, we change him, we give him his bottle and he sleeps through the night. This routine was my Formula for Happiness.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Ryan has been getting more adventurous lately, climbing and crawling, and even standing on his own. He doesn't want to go right to sleep anymore at night, he wants to stand and play. He no longer falls asleep on the couch, he just gets tired. And every so often now he has been getting up in the middle of the night.

Using a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant

Does this sound at all like you? Are you dealing with other baby sleep issues? If you're like me, in a fit of rage at 3am, you're turning to your phone, the internet and taking advice from anyone with a keyboard. Luckily, thanks to Gerber® Good Start Gentle, you don't have to turn to the unqualified masses for advice. Instead, you can talk to a real live person; better yet, you can talk to a Certified Baby Sleep Consultant.

That's exactly what I did, and I highly recommend you do so also. I made an appointment through the Gerber Good Start® website. Almost immediately after I received an email confirming my appointment and time. The morning of my appointment I received a text reminder and an opportunity to change my appointment.

At promptly 1pm, I spoke with Christina Gantcher, who partnered with Gerber® Good Start Gentle to offer these personal 1-on-1 baby sleep consultations. I was amazed by her knowledge and advice. She did not know I was blogging about this experience, nor did she at all attempt to sell me anything.

Maybe I'm a classic New York cynic, but I was waiting for a catch that never came.

Most importantly she offered me great advice:

  • As he begins to transition to solid foods, we need to ensure he's eating at regular intervals. Gaining weight is certainly not a problem. 
  • We need a new routine now that Ryan is evolving and more active. She said we need to make sure that we establish a dedicated sleep space to allow him to begin associating his quiet, dark room with sleeping. (Read: No more couch sleeping)
  • We need to begin to put him down while he is sleepy but awake at least once or twice a week to get him used to putting himself to sleep. As a working mom, I've picked the weekends to do so. This way, I don't have to get up early in the morning.
  • Babies routines change as the grow and develop, so we need to be patient with him. I often get frustrated when he has an off night, but it's better for all of us involved if I stay clam.

Final Thoughts

Even though I'm a Gerber® customer, I had no idea this service was available and I am so happy now that I am aware of it. While Ryan is blissfully sleeping through the night, I'm sure we'll hit other bumps in the road while he develops. I'm so glad that when that happens, I have a friendly certified baby sleep consultant on the other line.

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I invite you to give it a try and let me know your thoughts. It's as simple as I outlined below. All you have to do is visit to find the online scheduler to sign up or call the Gerber Parents Resource Center 24/7 at 1-800-284-9488 and they can help schedule your appointment.

I want to thank Gerber® for this terrific and incredibly valuable service and for helping me reformulate my Formula for Happiness.


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