Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Infant Sleep Support with Gerber Good Start Gentle®

*Note: This post is a part of a promotional program with Gerber® Good Start® Gentle and MomSelect. While I was compensated for this placement, this post reflects my honest and candid thoughts on the program.

Before my son Ryan was born, I took classes and read books. Lots of them.

I took a class on how to bathe and change my baby. I took classes on breastfeeding. I took an infant CPR class. I watched videos upon videos on the items on my registry. 

I didn't, however, really prepare for the science behind infant sleep. I wasn't immune to all the parents on social media lamenting their lack of sleep; yet I never really took it too seriously. Maybe I thought they were exaggerating? Regardless, I didn't give sleep the weight it deserved. 

Sleep is everything. 

For both mom and baby, sleep affects the entire day. Attitudes, level of patience, happiness are all directly related to the amount of sleep a baby his or her parents get.

Sleep gives babies energy and puts them in the mindset to explore and learn as they are  going through the crazy and scary process of growing and developing.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Welcome to Disney Springs

Goodbye, so long, farewell my friend. Goodbye, so long farewell.

Downtown Disney, it was really nice knowing you; however, you have to make way for Disney Springs! As of September 29, the switch was official. At first I was only marginally excited about the big switch but with announcement and announcement my excitement has grown. I'm only sad Disney Springs didn't exist when I did my Disney College Program.