Monday, August 10, 2015

Make Your Own Baby Food with BEABA Babycook Pro

Editor's note: I was in no way compensated, nor was I sent items to review, in exchange for this post. Below represents my feelings after buying and using the product. 

After nearly a decade of living with ulcerative colitis, I can confirm that what the doctors say is unfortunately true: diet doesn't cause nor cure inflammatory bowel disease. Despite knowing this, I have found (like most IBD patients) that certain things do bother my stomach from time to time. Given the amount of pain I am usually in without outside influences, I try to stay away from these triggers. One particular trigger of mine is processed foods, so I've vowed to eat naturally.

When I was pregnant, my husband and I made the decision to make our own baby food. Many of our old school relatives told us, "You'll never keep up with it," or my favorite, "You turned out fine and you ate from the jar." Despite this opposition argument, we decided to go on with our plan. As a full time working mom, I would never knock anyone for their decisions. This was simply something I felt strongly about.

After a ton of research, we settled on the BEABA Babycook Pro Baby Food Maker. We received it, as well as the freezing trays and spoons during my baby shower. As soon as we got the go-ahead from our pediatrician to start solids, we began experimenting, and I'd say it's a complete success.

Why should you consider making your own baby food:

  1. It's cost effective! For just about three dollars, we purchased frozen organic peas for Ryan (and for us) that we left in the freezer. This yielded approximately two weeks worth of food for Ryan and enough peas for my husband and I for a couple of meals. 
  2. It's easy! The BEABA machine is really simple. In just about 20 minutes, my husband and I made Ryan's food for two weeks. 
  3. You will know EXACTLY what your child is ingesting! Out of all the reasons, this is the biggest no-brainer. I pick produce for my child, clean it properly and make it. There's no guesswork. 
  4. It's delicious! We recently made Ryan butternut squash, and I may have sampled some myself...

How does the BEABA Babycook Pro work?

I will now share with you the process of making Ryan his fruit for the week. On this particular occasion, we made him pears. Here's a step by step breakdown:

Step 1:
After washing, peel the skin off the pears and cut them up into cubes. For this batch, two pears made over a week's worth of meals for Ryan.

Step 2:
Place the cubes into the plastic basket of the Babycook. 

Step 3:
Once filled, close the top and turn on the machine by pushing the button. The BEABA Babycook will now steam the fruit. 

Step 4: 
Once the steaming is done, the machine will beep. At this time carefully release the top of the machine (it will be hot) and remove the basket with the plastic stick. Dump the items back into the machine without the plastic basket. Add water (if necessary) and turn the knob to puree the items to desired consistency.

Step 5: 
Store and freeze the food for use at a later date. Try and use all your items between one and three months. 

At this point, Ryan is nine months old so he eats solids twice a day. We give him a fruit in the morning and meet and veggies at night. Each morning I pop the two desired cubes out of the freezer and let them defrost. We also have a few travel containers for when we plan on being out and about.

As for cleanup, there really isn't much! All we really have to wash is the plastic container and the glass blender part. This is truly the benefit of a machine that does "all in one" baby food making.

My only gripe: if I would've known I would love it so much, I probably would've sprung for the Babycook Pro x2 instead; nonetheless we are managing VERY well!

Do you make your own baby food? Do you have any questions? I want to hear from you. Sound off in the comments section below. 


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