Monday, March 16, 2015

Ryan's Magic Kingdom-Themed Nursery

Last August when I found out I'd be having a baby boy, I knew what kind of nursery I wanted - a Magic Kingdom nursery. I did not want something that had a ton of cartoon characters; rather, I wanted something more subtle. Magic Kingdom was a terrific option, but I didn't know how I would pull it off...until I started perusing Etsy!

Magic Kingdom Posters

I started off by searching for the old Magic Kingdom posters. I was able to download a few and print them by myself. I then purchased plain 8x10 frames from Michael's. Here's the finished product:

Disney Favorites Door Decoration

While searching through my Disney photos for inspiration, I found a photo of this plaque that hangs below the Walt Disney World Railroad in the Magic Kingdom. I love this quote so much and thought it would be the perfect addition to the nursery door. 

I could not find this ANYWHERE! I did hear there was a replica in the Art of Disney store, but it was quite pricey. Instead, I found the Etsy store of A Whole Lotta Hoopla and their Disney Favorites sign. We ordered it right away...and it is perfect! It totally exceeded our expectations and it was definitely worth the wait.

There were so many attractions to choose from, but we instead picked the different lands of the Magic Kingdom (minus Liberty Square, as we could only choose five.) We are so happy with the finished product and I highly recommend the Disney Favorites sign. It does take a pretty long time, as they are all handcrafted and unique; however, if you are not in a rush it is worth every minute.

Disney Quotes

I absolutely love using quotes as art. I wanted to use Walt Disney quotes and attraction quotes as art in the nursery. First, I found this vinyl wall art quote. It was very easy to apply (I needed my mother's help simply because I didn't think it was smart to have a pregnant woman standing on a chair) and it looks amazing! I really like this quote from MyVinylDecor because you can choose from 47 colors and it came with great instructions.

While in Michael's, I found this frame with clothespins. It was on sale for only $7, and I jumped on it. I figured it was perfect for all the awesome quote art I found on Etsy. Then I began purchasing the art I loved. The top two and lower two are also from A Whole Lotta Hoopla. While they are usually portrait prints, April from A Whole Lotta Hoopla reformatted them to fit a landscape and therefore fit my frame.

I also purchased the middle three from Etsy. The UP-inspired design on the left and the Walt Disney quote in the middle was from Etsy user CaptureWonderss. The Carousel of Progress quote on the right is from Designs by Nicolina. The clothesline frame is my favorite item in the nursery and Ryan absolutely loves looking at it.

Name Letters

When it came to decorating the wall above the crib, I knew I wanted to Ryan's name in letters. However, we didn't share his name with our family before he was born so they were hidden in closet in a nondescript box for the longest time! After our first night in the hospital, my husband came home and hung the letters - and it was such a nice welcome to come home to! We got the letters from Etsy user Lovey Letters by Leah.

Other Touches

In the corner, you'll see our hanging corner shelves. I got this idea from Pinterest and it's a perfect little touch. We purchased the shelves from Ikea for... wait for it... $6.99.

Some of the other Mickey items, including the mobile and the lamp, are from the Kidsline Classically Cute bedding set, which unfortunately has been discontinued. We were able to get a few of the items off of Amazon before they went out of stock. We added some navy blue and white items to match, since I didn't want it overly cartoonish anyway. Our Star Wars chair was a baby shower gift and very much my husband's favorite item.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the tour of Ryan's nursery! Go visit all of the Etsy stores I mentioned. For your information, I purchased all of the items shown and none of the store owners knew I was reviewing/sharing this information here prior to purchase. 


Melissa - Disney on Wheels said...

I love it! He's a lucky kid

Tricia@Pixie Dusted Treasures said...

Absolutely adorable Rosanne!! I love all of it. Kinda wish it was my room! What a lucky little boy :)

Heidi Strawser said...

What a precious nursery and I love that it's not too babyish so the room can grow with him. Your decorations all pull together so perfectly! Thanks for sharing.

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