Thursday, December 4, 2014

How to Turn Disney Pins into Art for Your Home

Pin trading has never really been my thing. While there are entire stores and kiosks devoted to the activity at Disney Parks, I never really was one to partake. That doesn't mean that I didn't collect any pins throughout the years. However, I never really made any purchases with the intent of trading. Instead I collected pins that were meaningful to me.

While cleaning out closets in my house for the imminent arrival of Baby Mo, I came across a bag of lanyards and books of pins. It sort of broke my heart. They certainly weren't going into the garbage, but it made no sense for them to sit in the back of the closet. 

Fast forward a couple of weeks - my husband and I went to Michael's to buy some frames for the nursery. That's when we came across this shadow box. For under $20 we picked it up and brought it home. My husband insisted that it would be perfect for our pins but I was skeptical.

I was incredibly pleased with the outcome! I was able to include my cast member nametags, our honeymoon pin, anniversary pin, Disneyland first visit pin and other meaningful pins. We were able to include pins from the special tours we've done throughout the years, including Keys to the Kingdom and Walking in Walt's Footsteps. We even were able to include a lanyard from our D23 Magic and Merriment special event and a lei from our Valentine's Day stay at Disney's Polynesian Resort.

We didn't include every pin we own; rather we used the shadow box to truly display the pins that had a special meaning to us. I had a ton of Cast Member pins from the Disney College Program. I even had a guest "thank you" pin from a very special couple. This elderly couple (Richard and Rachel) came through Space Mountain at least once a week and would give their "You are Very Special to Us" pins to Cast Members who went above and beyond to make their trip special. It honestly meant so much to me at at the time and I truly am so happy to see it hanging rather than rotting away in my closet.

We have plenty of less meaningful pins left to trade when we head to Disney Parks.

Have you used a shadow box to display your pins? I'd love to see your photos! Share with rosanne . mottola @ 


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