Monday, April 14, 2014

My Favorite Epcot Snack

Photo by Thomas Mottola
There are a lot of amazing, saliva-worthy snacks at Walt Disney World. The popular ones are always top of mind: the Dole Whip, the churro, the turkey leg.

While I love each and every one of these snacks, when I'm in Epcot there is one snack I crave. Maybe it's because I'm Italian. Maybe it's because I need a jolt after a long day of touring.

Espresso and a cannoli in the Italy Pavilion is something I dream about after lunch and before dinner at one of the amazing World Showcase restaurants.  The espresso may be in different forms—if it's extraordinarily hot out I'll opt for an espresso-blended drink like a latte. 

Photo by Thomas Mottola. Note the stand on the left - that's where you get your espresso & cannoli! 

Once I reach the back of the World Showcase I am ready for this ultimate snack. The best part: the cart is right on the main walkway. You don't have to deviate from any plans to get them!

Photo Credit: tantek via Compfight cc (This isn't from Epcot, just an example!)

What's your favorite snack in the World Showcase? Answer below in the comments section!


Kimberly said...

Yum! Sounds like I need to stop by the Italy pavilion on my next trip!

Melissa - Disney on Wheels said...

I have never really snacked in Italy. I don't know why but I obviously need to start. :)

Heidi Strawser said...

I've never really snacked in Italy much either, and we've never dined here. Surprising, since I spent 5 months living in Italy as a child, and I adore Italian food. But, I have to admit - the Italy pavilion has always kinda disappointed me. There just doesn't seem to be much there. We are planning to dine here for Ashley's 21st birthday in November, though - I'll have to try the cannoli then. :)

Rosanne Mottola said...

You know, I was never a huge fan myself, apart from visiting the stores and seeing all the items my grandma used to give us when I was a kid. But Via Napoli and Tutto Gusto have really changed it for me! Give this girl some good eats, and you have a friend for life!

Rosanne Mottola said...

Definitely Melissa! Grab a cannoli and watch the fireworks from the gondola bridge! You won't be disappointed!

Rosanne Mottola said...

Yeah it's a good stop! Mixes things up a bit!

Heidi Strawser said...

Good to know, coming from a TRUE Italian (I'm just a wannabe). But, I'm a hard sale when it comes to AUTHENTIC Italian Pizza! I think we'll try Via Napoli.

Mickey said...

I loved the cannoli when I had one during the Food & Wine Festival!

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