Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Trip to the Holy Land: Disneyland

For those of you who follow this blog and my social media properties, you know that I just returned from an amazing trip to Disneyland.

You have asked: Did I have a good time in Disneyland?

My answer: No.

No, I did not have a good time in Disneyland. I had a PHENOMENAL time. I had more fun on this trip to Disneyland than I have had in a LONG time. I loved the Disneyland Hotel. I loved the attractions and the shows.

I LOVED everything about the place.

I spent more time on this trip crying tears of JOY than not.

It sounds ridiculous, but for a self-appointed Disney historian, Disneyland was like the Holy Land. Everywhere I turned, there was another photo or statue of "Uncle Walt" and it was impossible to not feel his presence there.

Were there things I liked better than Walt Disney World? YES. Were there things I liked less than Walt Disney World. Yes.

Instead of throwing it all into a massive post, I wanted to share it all in smaller, digestible posts. Starting this Friday, March 28, I will be sharing a post every Friday and Tuesday about my trip to Disneyland. I hope you'll read along and fall in love with Disneyland

Thanks for reading!



Heidi Strawser said...

I cannot wait to read more about your trip! I hope that, one of these days, I'll be able to make the trip to the west coast and Disneyland!

Rosanne Mottola said...

Thanks Heidi! You definitely need to go, even if if it's JUST to ride Pirates! :)

Heidi Strawser said...

I really, really want to! I hear that the Pirates ride out there is better. I think It's a Small World looks neat too (at least, the outside of it).

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