Tuesday, February 18, 2014

VoluntEARing at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex

When the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex was first built, I couldn't imagine what exactly it would be used for. It seemed like an awfully large amount of space and I couldn't imagine taking time away from my Disney vacation to spend time at a sports complex...even as a sports fan!

On cue, runDisney took off and the Atlanta Braves named the complex their spring training home. During my second Disney internship when I had the privilege of working in the Disney public relations office, I got the opportunity to spend some truly meaningful time at the complex. 

No, it was not to spend time stalking my beloved Yankees. (Unfortunately they played the Braves at home in Tampa that particular year)

Rather it was for an amazing and truly beautiful event: the Special Olympics.
What is Disney VoluntEARS? Disney VoluntEARS is a wonderful public affairs initiative by the Walt Disney Company. It, among many purposes, allows Disney cast members from the various arms of business to come together and volunteer at service locations that are of particular interest to you. It is truly a special part of the Disney cast member experience and I'm so grateful for all that the Walt Disney Company does to make the world a better place.

When I saw that the Special Olympics needed Disney VoluntEARS, my colleagues and I jumped on the opportunity. Special Olympics at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex was one of the most touching events I've been a part of. Early in the morning we welcomed families and pointed the participants in the right direction.

Later in the day we were responsible for bringing the athletes from station to station. I was truly amazed at the level of competition on one of the hottest days of the year. Most importantly, I was so impressed with the heart and drive of everyone who participated. Love was truly radiating from the stands.

It was truly a rewarding experience for all that were involved.

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