Sunday, November 10, 2013

Taking a Spin with American Tourister's COLORA

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October used to be my favorite month. It's my birthday month. It's Walt Disney World's birthday month! It's the month of the World Series. It's the month that my favorite sport in the world (hockey) begins. It's the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival! But one day I took a new job and that job has a massive event in October. October stopped being fun.

Then one day last month this beautiful piece of luggage showed up at my front door courtesy of American Tourister.

Meet the COLORA by American Tourister.

The bag in the photograph is a 20 inch spinning luggage unlike you've ever seen before. This little vibrant bag packs a big punch:

  • COLORA is enhanced with the near effortless mobility of sleek, smooth rolling dual Spinner wheels
  • Fully lined interiors with zippered compartment and cross straps to minimize shifting of contents
  • Ergonomically designed dual tube aluminum handle with comfort grip locks in place when not in use
  • Large exterior panel pocket accommodates last minute items
While the features on paper are beyond impressive and while the vibrant color truly stands out, I figured that my business trip would be the perfect opportunity to give the COLORA a test spin.

So about ten minutes before I had to leave, I started to pack. (I'm kidding, of course. I started about six whole hours before I had to leave) Because I was traveling from New York to Philadelphia by public transportation and would have my laptop and purse as well, I was determined to fit all of my personal items in one small piece of luggage for a five day event.

Spoiler Alert! It fit and with room to spare. I even added my purse in so I wouldn't have to carry it separately. I fit four dresses, undergarments, three pairs of shoes, my pajamas and all of my toiletries in the special case.

Traveling with COLORA by American Tourister.

The first part of my trip was one that I am very familiar with:  my morning commute. Because of my extra baggage (pun intended) instead of hopping the bus in the morning, I took my car to the Staten Island Ferry. That's when the compliments started.
  • GIRL! Where did you get that bag? 
  • Oh my GOSH! I never saw a bag that color. Are there other colors?
  • That's American Tourister? I never saw anything like that. 
  • I highly doubt you ever lose that luggage in the airport carousel. I saw you coming a mile away. (That was from the bag inspector!) 
People in lower Manhattan absolutely went nuts over COLORA. I've never talked to so many people during my commute! People usually keep their headphones in and never look you in the eye. COLORA changed all that.

The luggage itself held up great. It went on the ferry, the subway and the Amtrak train to and from Philly. It was dragged through the streets of lower Manhattan. I beat it up, but it never showed signs of being beating up. It was light enough for this small girl to fling it (full) up on the Amtrak's luggage holder. It looked great and it felt great.

Now American Tourister is the Official Luggage of the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts, linking two quality brands together. Do you want to know more about this great line? Visit the American Tourister website and see all the great colors available for the COLORA line. Right now American Tourister is offering free shipping on orders over $99. Check out the 20" Spinner that I just reviewed. Thank you for joining me for this VERY special review! I highly recommend this luggage, especially for you Disney Pointers who like to Pack More Fun when traveling to your favorite Disney Destinations!

Visit for full disclosure.


Capturing Magical Memories said...

Love it!! This is definitely not a bag for someone who wants to go unnoticed.

Rosanne_Mottola said...

That's for sure! But it truly makes an amazing accessory!

DIStherapy said...

Your COLORA is Staten Island Ferry (and Amtrack) proof! Durable yet oh so fashionable. And quite the conversation starter!!

Rosanne_Mottola said...

There are not many things that are SI Ferry proof, but my COLORA definitely made the cut. :)

Jodi / MagicalMouseSchoolhouse said...

FUN and functional! This is the perfect bag to pack more fun!

Melissa - Disney on Wheels said...

Love the video! It's great to know how much you were able to fit in the suitcase. I'm ready to go on a trip!

Beth Green said...

I love the Vine!! What a great bag! It's perfect for any trip and really can hold a lot of stuff! :)

Rosanne_Mottola said...

It certainly is both! :)

Rosanne_Mottola said...

I am ready to go on a non-work trip Melissa! Let's make it happen!

Rosanne_Mottola said...

Vine is my favorite new toy. :) Thanks it truly is perfect for any trip.

Heidi Strawser said...

I love this review! I love that you were able to really put your new bag to the test. Looks like you were certainly able to #PackMoreFun with @AmTourister!

Deb @ Focused on the Magic said...

What a fun Vine! I love that you took it on it's first trip and that it held so much. Great review!

PixieBrenda said...

Love this bag! I just got back from a trip to New York. It would have been hilarious to see you. Great review.

Melissa :) said...

Love this! The bag is great and I love the bright color!

Mickey said...

Great review! Thanks for the vine video, it gave us a tease of what the bag will be able to handle! Thanks!

ReturnToDisney said...

Great review - if the Colora can get through public transportation in Manhattan without breaking a sweat, it can handle anything :)

MouseFanDiane said...

Great review Roe, I love how this bag went all over and held up so nice. The Vine is awesome ;-)

Beth D. said...

What a great review, Rosanne!! You definitely put this bag to work. It is amazing how much fits in it!

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