Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My #DisneySide Coming Out

As much as I'd like to prevent my #DisneySide from coming out in certain situations, it somehow always happens.

Take this picture for instance:

We went wine tasting in Long Island with my cousins and stopped for breakfast. My cousin said to my husband sitting across the way, "Take out your camera." This picture was the result.

We weren't talking about Disney, but it's always with me.

Another example: I'm teaching an introduction to public relations class this semester at St. John's University, and I require two students per class to present a news story from the world of PR. This past class two students had stories about Disney PR. How random is that?!

We all have our #DisneySide. It's time we embrace it!

Focused on the Magic


Plus the Magic said...

Great shot!! I'm not surprised that your #DisneySide comes through wherever you are :)

DIStherapy said...

it must be your #DisneyAurora!!

Judith Roszkowski said...

Love your Disney Side Photo!!

Deb @ Focused on the Magic said...

I love that your #DisneySide comes out when you least expect it!!

Manhattan Image and Style said...

Great shot! Very creative and Disney like! ;)

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