Tuesday, July 9, 2013

My Disney Dream Job

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Disney College Program in 2004
Today we are discussing our Disney "dream jobs" and believe it or not this is quite a difficult post for me to write! You see, I pretty much lived my dream job. As many of my readers know, I worked at Space Mountain with the Walt Disney World College Program and then with the Disney public relations office with the Disney Professional Internship program. Being a Disney Cast Member is truly an honor and a label I wore proudly.

Starting the Disney College Program is a very nerve-racking experience. You don't know who you will be living with, you don't know where you will be living and you don't know where you will be working. There are a lot of unknowns. For this type A planner, I hated not being in control. All I knew is that I wanted to be at an "inside" attraction (for air conditioning purposes) and I didn't want to be in custodial.

 My Professional Internship in 2008
I was lucky to be assigned to an e-ticket attraction. It was difficult to operate but I learned so much about the company and the Magic Kingdom. We got to see a lot of VIPs and I was (for the most part) in the air conditioning.

There still is one job that I have always wanted at Walt Disney World. Character Handler! What is a character handler? A character handler accompanies all of our favorite characters around Disney Parks and Resorts. They help guests take photos, get you those much sought after autographs and help control the crowds.

Mostly, character handlers witness some of the most magical moments at Disney. They get to witness kids dreams come true - meeting their idols they've only see on TV or at the movies. Have you ever hung out by a character spot? It's simply tear-inducing! 

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Mandas Disney Blog said...

I never considered this role! That would be so cool! I love your photos :) Thanks for sharing! :D x

Beth D. said...

That would be so fun to experience so many special moments with guests!

The Disney Chick said...

Working at Space Mountain sounds like a sweet gig - totally agree about the character handlers!

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