Thursday, April 11, 2013

Imposters! Mickey Mouse in Times Square

I really hope that my Disney Pointers truly understand my frustration, because my husband laughed at my outrage.

I live in New York City, but I avoid Times Square at all costs. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Broadway and the theater, but the whole area has turned into a massive tourist trap. I understand why. I would love it if I wasn't from here, but I am and I just want to get to my show and eat chicken fingers that are less that $30.

A few weeks ago my husband and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. We wanted to do something to celebrate but didn't really have the funds to go away; therefore, we decided to take a short staycation (which is understandably a lot more fun when you live in NYC). After work, I took the subway up to Times Square where we were staying. During my short walk from the 42nd Street subway station to our hotel on 45th Street, I saw not ONE, not TWO, not THREE, but FOUR imposter Mickey Mouses.

What is an imposter Mickey Mouse? Well, he looks something like this: 

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Why does this DRIVE ME CRAZY?

Well, as all my readers know, there is only one real Mickey Mouse. And as we all know, he lives at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, Disneyland Paris, etc. Sometimes, when Mickey feels like a vacation, he takes a Disney Cruise. THERE IS ONLY ONE MICKEY MOUSE! The wonderful cast members at Disney work very hard to prevent any confusion about this.

However, they cannot control Times Square, as hard as they try. Therefore, there are imposter Mickey Mouses popping up on every single corner from 40th Street to 50th Street. I feel terrible for the kids who experience a Mickey Mouse who will only take a photo with them for cash. I feel even more terrible for the parents who have to answer all the awkward questions that are sure to arise.

Parents - heed my warning.  Times Square is a wonderful place to visit, but be prepared to let your kids know that there are many people impersonating Mickey Mouse. It's not pretty. And it will hopefully make you as angry as I am.



Didi Marie said...

I couldn't agree more Rosanne! Unfortunately there is an army of "fake" Mickeys, Elmos, Spider Mans, etc. living in Times Square. (And most of those costumes are so sad looking.) It was just a matter of time before there was an 'incident". Seeing last week's mug shot of the fellow playing Elmo- the one accused of pushing and cursing at a child- enraged me too! I hope Disney can do something to protect their brand before we see a fake Mickey in handcuffs!!! Great piece Rosanne. :)

Rosanne_Mottola said...

Thank you Didi! I agree, they are very sad looking. In fact, I would not be shocked if there were bed bugs, fleas, etc. clinging to that polyester and fur. It's sad because the kids' faces light up and they run to them. It's not fun or safe. It's truly a shame because it can be such a nice place to visit and the Disney Store can be a lot of fun.

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