Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Everybody's Got a Laughin' Place...

Welcome to those of you joining me from Disney on Wheels and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the final stop on our Magical Blogorail.

Did you know the word gullible isn't in the dictionary? I fall for these things all the time, which is why April Fools day tends to be a funny time in my house. This year April Fools day fell on a Monday which, quite frankly, is completely unfair. However, I am the first to share a good belly laugh over my stupidity and in Walt Disney World, I find myself constantly laughing.

Thank you to the Magical Blogorail Teal loop for letting me join in today as we discuss our favorite comedic shows, attractions and meet and greets. I am going to deviate slightly from the topic today. My family consistently cracks up at one place in the World each visit. It's not a attraction, but it should be. Our laughin' place is 50's Prime Time Cafe in Disney's Hollywood Studios.

At first glace, a Disney newbie may look at 50's Prime Time Cafe as a cute, simple little diner. Trust me when I say it is SO much more than that! It isn't just a place where you can get really delicious meatloaf and fried chicken (although you can definitely do that as well). It is simply an experience.

When you walk in the door, you will notice that you have been magically transported back to the 1950s. Have some older guests in your party? They will love this part. The decor looks like something out of Happy Days. There's a living room and a kitchen that will make everyone in your party chuckle. There are TVs playing old television clips from the 50s. When the hostess calls your party, they will announce "The Johnson kids" and the act has begun. Don't answer quick enough? Mom may send the "kids" to bed without dinner. (I'm serious)

The kids during a trip in August '07

Enter...your cousin? That's right, your cousin. (You didn't know that this was an extended family trip, did you?) Your cousin is your server and will start barking orders to you right away and with good reason. Mom has been slaving away in the kitchen all day to make your meal, so you better follow orders. At first you must set the table to your cousin's satisfaction. Then it's time to start ordering. Make sure you say please and thank you, or your cousin will call you out as ungrateful.

When your food comes, be sure to eat all of your veggies or you may get fed by your server. Are you one to talk back? Then you will be put in the corner! Truly get yourself in trouble? Then you'll be singing I'm a little tea pot out loud in front of all of your extended family...also known as the entire restaurant. Taking a trip to the restroom? Be sure to make note of the soap color, or you'll be accused of not washing your hands.

We always have a TON of fun at the 50's Prime Time Cafe. There are a lot of a little surprises along the way! You will have a wonderful time! Not into the shtick? Just let the hostess know and they'll tone down the act. However, I recommend playing along. If you do, you'll have one of the funniest Disney experiences available.

Thank you for joining Magical Blogorail Teal this month. Magical Blogorail Teal's next loop will be in May with an all new theme. Keep checking in with our blogs in between loops to keep up to date with our Disney info, photos and stories. If you are looking for more Disney magic, you can make your way over to The Magical Blogorail website to see all our members and their blogs, as well as all our previous loops.

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Beth D. said...

We have never eaten here before. But always have it on our original list and somehow we skip it for something else. We may have to make it a point to dine there next trip. Sounds like fun!

BruceWDW said...

You are so right about 50s Prime Time. I love the food, can't beat the atmosphere (hey, I lived in an apartment with these furnishings) and combined with the live interaction it's fun every minute.

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