Thursday, March 14, 2013

Unveiling Disney Springs

This morning Disney made a very exciting announcement today!

Disney is overhauling Downtown Disney and creating a new area called "Disney Springs." Disney Springs is inspired by Florida's waterfront towns and will comprise of four "outdoor neighborhoods" that include:
  • The Town Center & The Landing. From what I can tell this area is where Pleasure Island once was. The Town Center will be "a sophisticated mix of shopping and dining along with a promenade where guests can relax, refresh and reconnect" and The Landing will be "a colorful and thriving commercial district with inspired dining and beautiful waterfront views."
  • The Marketplace. The same Marketplace that you know and love, PLUS "new experiences, such as an over-the-water pedestrian causeway, along with classic Disney favorites, including an expanded World of Disney store." Two thoughts: How much fun does the "over-the-water pedestrian causeway" sound?! How much more can they possibly expand the World of Disney?!
  • The West Side. It sounds like they are significantly expanding the West Side, which in my opinion, needs the most work. According to Disney, it will be "an exuberant atmosphere with lively entertainment, along with a series of new elevated spaces that provide both shade and an overlook to the activity below." I'm glad to hear that there will be a covered area. This will make Disney Springs an ideal destination on a rainy day.

Video slideshow of the artist renderings (From

Personally I am very excited about this expansion. The "Hyperion Wharf" idea never really excited me and it depressed me to walk through Pleasure Island and see my memories in abandoned buildings. As for the details of this expansion, I have good news and bad news. 
  • The Good News. The Disney Springs project will create an estimated 1,200 construction jobs and nearly 4,000 operational roles. Good job helping the economy, Disney! 
  • The Bad News. For impatient people like me, I was bummed to hear that this project won't be completed until 2016; however, I'm glad to hear they are starting next month.
What do you think about this announcement? Chime in the comment section below!


Heidi Strawser said...

It will be exciting to see these changes taking place.  I love Downtown Disney - and more of it will just be better, right?!

Rosanne Mottola said...

Agreed! There hasn't been any talk about taking any of my old favorites away. And I truly love the idea of creating some covered walkways for those rainy days! Thanks for stopping by Heidi!

BJ said...

Seriously, I think I've gotten lost inside World of Disney twice. And they're actually going to make 

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