Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You Keep Me Coming Back for More

Welcome to those ofyou joining me from TheMagical Mouse Pad and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the second stopon our Magical Blogorail. Today weare discussing what keeps us coming back to Disney.

This past November, fresh off of my amazing trip on the Disney Dream cruise ship, I sat outside the Magic Kingdom while waiting for a friend. As I sat there, I glanced down at the stones leading up to the entrance of thepark and saw my family stone from 1994. Nineteen years ago, on one of our first annual trips to Walt Disney World, my parents purchased a stone to commemorate our love for Disney.

As my husband and I sat there, I thought about all the amazing trips I shared with my mom, dad and little brother. I thought about allof the funny stories, amazing experiences and priceless memories we’ve obtained through the years.

With that being said, memories aren’t enough. There are plenty of places we’ve traveled to over the years (I’m looking at you, Poconos) that look exactly like they did when they were built in 1970. Yes, we have great memories from some of those vacations, but I would never think about going back there. They are run down, nobody ever puts any money into improvements or repairs, and it isn’t worth the time or cash. Improvements are a big reason why I keep going back to Disney.

When my friend arrived at the Magic Kingdom that day, we went straight to the New Fantasyland. It was still previews and I wasn’t sure if we’d have the opportunity to experience this beautiful new land. As luck would have it, they were allowing all guests to experience New Fantasyland that day. I was like a child. My heart truly skipped a beat at this magical opportunity. I even got to hug my favorite princess, Belle! 

This brings me to my last reason for returning to Disney year after year: new experiences! Each and every year, Disney offers new experiences and attractions. Whenever I think they couldn’t possibly top the last attraction, the Disney Imagineers pull offa new innovative experience for all of us to enjoy. What I love about these new experiences is that I now have great memories of trying new attractions for the first time with my husband, and I will with my future children as well. It is what we call the “Circle of Life” at Disney World. 

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is the Manda’s Disney Blog.

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Paula Smith said...

I like how you say "memories aren’t enough". If that were true lots of places would be as special as Disney but somehow they aren't so what is it that makes this place different? There's got to be something more, and I believe you expressed it well.

Rosanne_Mottola said...

Aw thanks Paula. Disney always thinks of the little things and they are always ahead of the competition. Look at the new Fastpass+ innovations...I can't wait to try that out! They have the best mix of nostalgia and forward looking.

JenniferLissak said...

I'm totally with you on the new experiences! That is one of my favorite things - finding new to me things, even if they've been there for years and years!

Mandas Disney Blog said...

Oh I can't wait to see the new Fantasyland!! Yeey! :D xx

Scarlett | Disney Wonderland said...

I totally agree! Every time you go to Disney it's a different experience, you never know what to expect - that's why I love Disney too xx

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