Friday, June 15, 2012

Disney Fun at My Expense

Welcome to those of you joining me from Colorado Mountain Mom and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 3rd stop on our Magical Blogorail.

I am a Magical Blogorail machine this month! I am thrilled to be filling in on Magical Blogorail Red as we discuss the funniest things that have happened to us in Disney. I have had many belly laughing moments during my trips to Walt Disney World over the years, and the majority of these moments have to do with my klutziness. Yes, I admit, I am a very clumsy person and my most memorable moments happen when there's thousands of people around.

Because I cannot narrow it down to just one moment, I present to you my top three funniest Walt Disney World moments:

Disney Quest interactive theme park in Downtown Disney.
3. Right after my high school graduation I went to Walt Disney World with my best friend Griffo. That's right, when everyone else was going to the Jersey Shore, Cancun or Miami, I was at the House of Mouse. After learning that I could not go into Pleasure Island at all (I would not turn 18 until October) we decided to spend our evening at Disney Quest. There was a very cute College Program Cast Member helping us build our virtual roller coaster at CyberSpace Mountain. Right before we were going to ride I realize that I left my bag at the station. Instead of calmly walking down to where we were I ran. Nothing good comes from me running and this time was no different! On my way back up the stairs to our station, I miss a step and fall on my stomach right in front of hundreds of people and that very cute Cast Member. One good thing that came from this - he let us ride our coaster twice!

When I (right) worked at Space Mountain.
2. When working at Space Mountain everyone knew of my propensity for klutziness. Every night as we walked the track for lost and found items I was extra careful of each step. My idea of a memorable Disney moment did not involve me falling from the top of Space Mountain to the ground below. Yes, I moved slower than normal, but I never fell. But that didn't stop me from falling while the ride was operational and guests were in the building! One day I was working at the unload area (where you get off the ride) and someone came to give me my break. Unload was my least favorite position at Space Mountain because you really couldn't chat with the guests and it was boring! Like we were taught, I made the cross sign so the other Cast Member didn't send a rocket ship while I was crossing the track. Unfortunately that was the least of my worries as my foot got caught and I fe1l directly onto the unloading dock and back on the track in front of many guests. (Are you starting to notice a pattern yet?) Thank GOD the other Cast Member with me was paying attention and there was no harm done, other than my ego being beaten down with a stick!

Walt is a friend of the Magic Kingdom birds.
I am not. :)
1. My funniest moment at Walt Disney World wasn't all my fault, like the previous two stories. However, it is the one that made me and my party laugh the hardest. A few years after our College Program, my roommates and I decided to go back down for a reunion. We went down the week after New Years which is a GREAT time to go if you like short lines, but not a great time to go if you like warm weather. It was quite chilly and we were all wearing hoodies. My roommates decide they want to ride Splash Mountain, but I wasn't too keen on getting soaked when it was 45 degrees. Therefore, I convinced my friends Kristy and James to come with me to get a churro in Frontierland while our roommates rode Splash.

It was right after the parade and the crazy birds of Frontierland were lurking for any popcorn, pretzels or french fries left behind. Kristy and I finally get our hands on churros and we began our trek back to Splash Mountain to meet our friends. That's when it happened.

BAM! A huge bird flew kamikaze-style into my back, frightening me enough to make me drop to the ground. (That's three for three folks!)

As I hit the ground I dropped my brand new churro, which was swiftly grabbed by two birds - one on each side. I kid you not! And as I stood up, the bird pooped on my sweatshirt.

After the initial shock of what just happened the three of us began to laugh uncontrollably. Tears were streaming down our faces. And that's precisely when Kristy's churro was stolen by another bird. I only wish a PhotoPass Photographer was around to document all of this!

As you can see all of my funniest moments at Walt Disney World are also my most embarrassing. I've most certainly learned to laugh at myself over the ears. I'm also glad I could give my friends and family a good laugh!

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Tami said...

Oh, my ... where do I start?  You poor thing - at least you are a very good sport! 

Your story about  working Space Mtn made me nervous.  But the story about the birds with their well-planned Frontierland Churro Attack was equal parts scary and hilarious!!  Yikes ... I will never look at those birds in the same way again!

DisneyDonnaKay said...

The bird story was awesome!! It sounds like something that would happen to me. Thanks for making me smile today!!

JenniferLissak said...

I feel your pain being a klutz myself and I have passed that on to my poor son who is constantly bruised up.. but the birds?  That's just bad luck!  And hysterical...

Brucewdw said...

It's good to have a great sense of humor about yourself - and at Disney it's allowed to have funny personal moments. After this post, my daughter reminded me of a time at Animal Kingdom, I was taking a video of the talking trash can and backed up right onto a chain-link border falling right on my rear. At the same time "Push" (the trash can) was yelling - "Paparazzi Paparazzi". 

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