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Magical Blogorail: Favorite World Showcase Pavilion

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If there is a part of Walt Disney World that I've learned to appreciate more throughout the years, it's the Epcot World Showcase. The World Showcase is an area in which I truly believe that Disney competitors have not been able to replicate.  I truly love strolling throughout the World Showcase, shopping in the different stores, sampling the unique cuisine and (most of all) speaking to the Cast Members representing their native countries. 

However, there is one country I truly love to visit each and every time I'm in Epcot and where I tend to linger a little longer than the others. Italy!

(Photo courtesy of WaltDisneyWorld.com)
Why is Italy my favorite World Showcase pavilion? There are several reasons. First and foremost, it is because of my heritage. I am an Italian-American. My father was the first child in his family that was born in America. My aunt and uncle (my Dad's older siblings) were born in Italy. My Mom is also 100 percent Italian. Italian is frequently spoken in my house. We are very proud to be Italian and we celebrate our culture!

My father frequently tells me the story of my first Disney trip. I was a happy one year old, being carted around in a stroller by my parents and my grandparents. My grandparents, who emigrated from Italy when they were young in search for a better life, were unbelievably touched seeing the pavilion for the first time. It was also special for my grandfather, Alfredo, the first time he saw Italy's signature restaurant - "L'Originale Alfredo di Roma."

(Image courtesy of AllEars.net)

Throughout the years, the Italy pavilion has gone through significant changes. For one, Alfredo has been replaced. However, I believe the Italy pavilion is one of the nicest areas in all of Epcot. First of all, the Italy pavilion is in a prime location. It sits right next to the America pavilion, which is the furthest point of the World Showcase. Therefore, there is a terrific view of Spaceship Earth and offers a picturesque view of Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.

(Image courtesy of Yesterland.com)
There is also a bridge outside the pavilion that allows you to see the entire World Showcase.

(Photo Courtesy of AllEars.net)

Shopping is plentiful in the Italy pavilion. There are two wonderful shops which feature authentic Italian merchandise, food and wine - Il Bel Cristallo and La Bottega Italiana. I truly enjoy seeing all of the Italian candies that I grew up enjoying at my grandparents' homes. 

However, my favorite part of the Italy pavilion is, of course, the food! Before you even step inside the Italy pavilion, there are a few culinary delights that are not to be missed. I often stop by the cart outside the pavilion for a Bellini. Bellini is a refreshing and delicious Italian cocktail which is a mixture of sparkling wine and peach.  

Enjoying a Bellini in Epcot with my cousin Heather!
When I'm not in the mood for a cocktail, I often stop at the outside cart for an espresso and a cannoli!

While Alfredo is no longer a dining option in the Italy pavilion, there are two terrific table service restaurants for you to enjoy - Tutto Italia Ristorante and Via Napoli. 

Tutto Italia Ristorante (Image courtesy of WDWInfo.com)
Via Napoli (Image Courtesy of WaltDisneyWorld.com)
Via Napoli is the newest addition to the Italy pavilion, and for me it's incredibly exciting. FINALLY a Walt Disney World restaurant that has REAL pizza! What I wouldn't do to have had that option while I lived in Orlando! (Please note, as an Italian and as a New Yorker, I am a total pizza snob) Via Napoli is an authentic Italian pizzeria and I thoroughly enjoyed my meal there in November. 

I hope you enjoyed the Italy pavilion through my eyes!

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Beth D. said...

One of my favorite shops in World Showcase is La Bottega Italiano.  I love the masks.  They are just beautiful.  I've never bought one, but it has certainly crossed my mind!  

Disney on Wheels said...

I miss Alfredo! My sister and I still make fun of my Mom from our trip in 97. She called a made a dinner reservation there and could not have said the name any more Southern. If we ever meet in person I'll have to demonstrate. :)

Mandas Disney Blog! said...

Italy Pavilion is definitely one of the most beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing your story! :) x

Rosanne Mottola said...

Thanks for stopping by!

Rosanne Mottola said...

Ha that's hysterical! As a "New Yawka" I'm sure I will sound just as funny to you!

Rosanne Mottola said...

I love that shop! So many cool items. I once bought a few glass rings that I still wear today!

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