Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Disney Resolutions for the New Year

Welcome to those of you joining me from The Magical Mouse Pad and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 3rd on our Magical Blogorail. 

To the readers of the Disney Point, I have a very exciting announcement. As of today, I am officially a member of the Magical Blogorail! The Magical Blogorail is a group of Disney bloggers who have come together to share our love of Disney. Each week, we bring you a new loop. I am proud to join the AMAZING bloggers of the Magical Blogorail Black Loop. At the end of this post, you will find a link to the next stop on the line. Feel free to follow my fellow black loop bloggers. I know you'll find their perspective incredibly interesting! I would also like to thank Beth, founder of the Magical Blogorail, for asking me to join this terrific group.

I think that it is incredibly fitting that my first post for the Magical Blogorail is about my Disney resolutions for 2012. I have three Disney resolutions I'd like to share with you this year. 

1) This New Year I, along with most of America, am focusing on getting myself healthy. As a person living with a chronic illness, this means focusing on getting keeping myself off steroids and immune system suppressants. However, this year, I would also try to get myself in shape.

This past week in Orlando thousands of runners lined up to participate in the various races that encompass the Walt Disney World Marathon. By next January I want to join them. I am not kidding myself in thinking that I will be able to run a full marathon by next January. However, I would be thrilled to run in a 5K by next year. In addition to running the Walt Disney World Marathon 5K, I would also love to be able to run the Tunnel to Towers 5K in New York City in September 2012 in remembrance of those who lost their lives on 9/11. 

Getting in to shape will not only help me run in the marathon at Walt Disney World. It will also help me be more comfortable as I run around the parks during my vacations. In the last couple of years, I have felt exhausted by the end of the night of a long Disney day. I want to enjoy every last minute of my Disney vacations and I hope by getting in shape, I will be able to enjoy them to the fullest extent. 

2) In 2012, I want to make a trip to Orlando with my Walt Disney World College Program roommates. More specifically, I would like to go to Walt Disney World for the 2012 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. The Food & Wine Festival is one of my favorite events at Walt Disney World. The last time I was there for the Food & Wine Festival was 2004 during my College Program. I was, unfortunately, 19 at the time. I was not able to enjoy the festivities to the fullest extent... if you catch my drift. :)

Several of my Disney roomies went to Walt Disney World within a few weeks of my November/December trip this year. None of us coordinated our trips and we did not get to see each other. I miss them terribly! I would love to share the Food & Wine Festival with my husband and my old roommates in 2012. 

3) Every year I make the same Disney resolution... see/do things I've never done before. Believe it or not, these things do exist! I am a creature of habit. I tend to eat at the same restaurants, go on the same attractions and stay at the same resorts. 

Why change? I loved everything about my past trips! Change is important because it keeps things fresh. This past trip my family did the Keys to the Kingdom tour for the first time. The day we did Keys to the Kingdom was one of our most memorable Disney days. I am very much looking forward to trying new things this year!
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Mary at Capturing Magical Memories said...

First, welcome! Second, great resolutions. My husband made the marathon one last year and just completed it. Quite an accomplishment. You can do it.

Uncle Servo said...

Woot! And her first Magical Blogorail article is a great one! Great resolutions!

Rosanne said...

@Mary - Thank you! Congratulations to your husband! That is such an amazing accomplishment. I think that Disney will be a worthy incentive for me this year.

@ Uncle Servo - Thanks for stopping by! I'm very excited to be a part of the Magical Blogorail!

Unknown said...

Welcome to the Blogorail! I have a runDisney goal as well. :)

Rosanne said...

A lot of us do, don't we? I think that runDisney gives us the motivation we need to face our fears. I have ulcerative colitis and have been on and off steroids and other medications that have contributed to my weight problem. I want to stop using that as an excuse and get my butt working out again!

Kimberly said...

My cousins did the same goal about 7 years ago. They wanted to get in better shape, and had the Disney marathon as their goal. They both ran the half marathon, then the next year, one of them completed the full. They have been back every year to run it. You can do it!

I am with you on going to the food and wine festival :)

Rosanne said...

Seriously! I am dying to go back for F&W!

:DISTherapy said...

Congrats from a fellow Blogorail newbie (Yellow)!! I, too, am a longtime Disney fan who has been transformed by runDisney. In fact, the first race I trained for (but never ran) was with Team in Training for Crohn's & Colitis. The 2 trainers, each ex-Olympians, have Ulcerative Colitis. You can do this!!!!!

Leanne@lifehappenswhen said...

Congrats, Roe on your magical blogorail journey! I had no idea there were so many great Disney bloggers out there!! I absolutely wish I could join you on that reunion, but I don't know if I will be able to! Also, you can TOTALLY do the half marathon!! You should give it a try! That is also one of my dreams- to run a half at Disney! And finally, we actually did some things on this past trip to Disney that I've never done before, too! Specifically at the Animal Kingdom!! Great resolutions, Roe!! And I miss you terribly, too!

Rosanne said...

That's amazing! I love Team in Training... that truly gives me motivation. Thanks so much for sharing and for reading!

Rosanne said...

Leanne, thank you so much! Please let us go to Disney at the same time! I hate that we missed each other again :( What did you do at the Animal Kingdom that you've never done?

Leanne@lifehappenswhen said...

Well, Nemo, of course! And we rode the train to Planet Watch (though we didn't go through it). Also we ate there, which I've never done (except for snacks). We ate at Yak and Yeti (the quick service). The more I go to Animal Kingdom the more I like it. I also didn't realize initially how much Walt loved animals so Animal Kingdom makes a LOT more sense to me now (I didn't really like it much before). I can appreciate it through Walt's ideas and dreams!

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