Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3 Days 'Til Disney - What to Bring

If someone forced me to tell them one thing I hate about a Disney Vacation (or any vacation for that matter) it would be this: PACKING. I truly hate to pack. I honestly think that it is karma's way of punishing us for being off from work for a week. And don't even get me started about coming home to have to do laundry!

The truth is, however, that packing for a Disney trip is not that difficult. Yes, you need to remember the basics. You cannot (for instance) forget your razor, your books and your camera charger for your honeymoon. (I blame that one on wedding planning) However when it comes to clothes, it's pretty straightforward.

For the majority of the year, this is the necessities for a week at Disney:
- 7 pairs of shorts
- 10 shirts (when you sweat through the first)
- 10 pairs of underwear
- Comfortable shoes (socks, if required)
- As many bathing suits as you own
- Poncho (for the 3pm rain shower)
- Hat
- Sunscreen
- Deodorant (the most important thing!)

However, since are going in December the weather isn't as predictable as the summer. I lived in Orlando in December and January. Sometimes the weather is in the 70s and sometimes it's in the 40s and 50s. Therefore, I checked the weather first:

So far, things are looking GREAT. High 70s to low 50s. Very little, if any, rain.  Therefore, my list is looking something like this:

- 10 Shirts
- 5 pairs of capris
- 3 pairs of jeans
- 3 Hoodie Sweatshirts
- 10 pairs of underwear/bras
- Pajamas
- Socks/Sneakers
- Flip Flops
- Hair Ties
- Sunglasses
- 1 Bathing Suit
- Minnie Christmas Hat :)

- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste
- Deodorant
- Brush
- Hair Straightener (for lovely Orlando humidity) 
- Contacts/Glasses (plus solution)
- Moisturizer with Sunscreen
- Makeup (minimal)
- Razor
- Anti-bacterial soap

For the Park
- Camera
- Camera Charger (Thanks, Tom!)
- Flip Cam
- iPhone Charger
- Laptop for DISNEY POINT Live Blogging :)
- Over the shoulder bag
- Excedrin
- Prescription Meds
- List of restaurant and tour confirmations

A few things to remember. First of all, because we are staying in a Disney Vacation Club villa, we will have a washer and dryer. Therefore, if we need to reuse anything, we have that as an option. Also, we already faxed our grocery list to Disney's Animal Kingdom Villas. We do not plan on doing a crazy amount of eating in the room, but we are probably going to have a light breakfast every morning before we leave for the park. Therefore, we just got a few groceries from Disney which will be in our room when we arrive.

Also, I do not have children. There is a lot more that goes into traveling with children. My suggestion is that you Google "packing lists for Disney with children." There are a TON out there and hopefully it will spark your brain to remember something that you're missing.

A quick note on footwear:

Love you, Amy.  You understand me.
The most important thing to remember for your Disney vacation is not actually deodorant. You can get that at your hotel if you forget. However, comfortable shoes are extremely important, as we typically walk about 10-15 miles A DAY at Disney. There is some debate among Disney fans as to the best footwear. Here's what I suggest- wear what's most comfortable for you. I am not a fan of sneakers. I feel like they are restrictive (especially since I have a bad bunion, gross) and I typically prefer flip flops. Don't force your foot inside sneakers if you never wear them. Others prefer Crocks, but the photo above with my friend Amy will show you how I feel about Crocks. DO NOT BRING SHOES YOU HAVE NEVER WORN BEFORE. This goes for sneakers as well. Break in any new shoes you bring to Disney for at least a week. Trust me!

This is the part where you (my FAVORITE reader) need to tell me what I am forgetting.


Kathleen said...

Maybe a hat or a visor? (to tackle that glorious Florida sunshine) and lip balm with SPF. Have a wonderful vacation!

Rosanne said...

Thanks Kathleen! I think I'm going to "geek out" with my Minnie Santa hat and sunglasses this trip, but I'm definitely going to bring lip balm with SPF! Thanks for the reminder and thanks for reading!

Tom said...

I like to travel light in the parks so I usually bring a smaller wallet to use. It holds a small amount of cash, my room key/park ticket, my ID, and a credit card. I don't like to use cash in the park in case I drop it. Also, I have a Mickey water bottle holder so I can keep my hands free. I will be wearing my Crocs Flip Flops. They don't look like the hideous clogs and they're the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn in the parks.

Rosanne said...

Thank you Mr. Mottola for your comment!

I, of course, allow the Crocs flip flops and I love your Mickey water bottle holder. It's really convenient and you don't have to carry a bag with you. It will probably be even better on this trip since the water won't get warm after 5 minutes.

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