Wednesday, November 23, 2011

2 Days 'Til Disney - How to See the Must-Sees

Disney Pointers, we are getting VERY close to the day we leave! I, for one, am all finished with work until we get home! And tomorrow, we will celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. Things are good in the life of Roe!

Today we are going to talk about the Must See attractions at Walt Disney World. (Do not worry. I will not subject you to 7 days worth of "The  Top 7 Must Sees at Walt Disney World with Stacy." You know, the video that plays ON LOOP on Disney Resort TV the entire time you are on vacation. OK, maybe I will. See below.)

Because of the size and grandeur of the Walt Disney World Resort, it is truly impossible to see everything the Resort has to offer in a limited amount of time. I lived in Orlando for over a year and I still haven't seen and experienced everything Walt Disney World has to offer. The biggest mistake people make is trying to do EVERYTHING in one week, because when you try to do everything you enjoy nothing.

You have been planning this trip for months and you deserve to enjoy yourself. If you are exhausted one morning, stay in bed. If you are tired and hot in the afternoon, go back and take a nap or a swim back at your resort. But of course there are a few attractions that you do not want to miss. There should be a strategy in place to ensure that you see what you want.

Disney veterans have a plan in mind every time they enter the park, whether it be a full day of Disney fun or a quick visit to see a few choice attractions. But newcomers, who haven't experienced the attraction, should visit a site like Touring Plans. Touring Plans is a wonderful website that estimates the crowds for 365 days a year. In addition, they use thousands of historical data points and stats from professional statisticians to estimate how long you'll wait in line. The best part, you can take this info with you on your smart phone. It's awesome, it truly is.

In addition, they have touring plans for each park. They have one-day plans, two-day plans, plans depending on age, plans depending on your child's gender, plans for people that want to "sleep-in" and plans for the holiday season. This too can be on your iPhone and you can check off attractions as you complete them. This is the best "value" you will get when planning your Disney attraction for a little over $10 including a download of the app. 

Tomorrow, on Turkey Day, I will of course be talking about FOOD! I will help you make your dining reservations and tell you all about ours for this upcoming trip!

Thanks so much for reading!


Leanne@lifehappenswhen said...

Great ideas, Roe! I have a question for a future post, though. My family always stays at the value resorts because of cost, but our family is quickly outgrowing these rooms. I would love to see a review/explanation of each of the moderate resorts to help us decide where we should stay for our next big family trip (next summer!). Thanks!

Briccio said...

Wow do they still use Stacey? The girl scares me from her incessant happiness. Like they intravenously fed her happy pills for the entire time she was on camera.

Great planning Roe, as always! And having a set plan really does help because your happy that you've done what you planned on doing and you're not overwhelmed by just the entire grand scheme of WDW! And I don't care who you are or how many times you've gone, WDW will always find a way to overwhelm you. (but in a good way that you'll want to come back again and again!)

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